1. The Central Library

The Institute has a spacious area of around400sq. mtrs. allocated for the Central Library.It has a collection of more than4000books which includes reference books,handbooks, well-known national and international engineering journal & periodicals andmany books of varied interest. The library adopts an open access system enabling the students use it to the fullest. Moreover, there is a study room facility provided for the students on the first floor above the central library.

The library offers many services besides the basic book-borrowing facility

2. The Laboratories:

SGDTP has state of art laboratories in each department equipped with latest instruments and all the necessary machineries which have been prescribed by AICTE and the affiliating bodies.The resources and facilities of all the SGDTP  labs are befitting the excellent reputation andstandards set by the institute. They provide an efficient and effective support to students in their pursuitof academic excellence.

3. Computer Centre

The college has a fully equipped computer centre with latest state-of-art computers and soft wares. Internet connectivity with 4 Mbps broadband connection is available for 24x7.

4. Central Workshop

There is a separate floor i.e. Ground Floor of Building-B allocated specially for Workshop with sufficient area of 295 sq. mtrs. for each shop. Our  workshop provides all the qualitative facilities to impart the necessary instructionsand give suitable training through regular practical.

5. Our other Infrastructure

• Digital Language Lab with ETNL Software
• Hostel facility for students
• Seminar Hall with LCD Projector